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Featured Program: Speak Life
(Christ Kingdom Builders Church)

Join Host Pastor Christopher Maxie Friday at 5:30 pm

Featured Program

Pastor Christopher Maxie is the founding pastor of Christ Kingdom Builders Church – a multicultural church based in Lansing Michigan.

The focus of Christ Kingdom Builders Church is discipleship. What we mean by discipleship is the process of accepting and assisting in the spread of the doctrine of Christ. In Laymen’s terms, we will focus on becoming believers and helping other become believers too. Through discipleship our core values of Evangelism, Mentoring young people, Worship, Fellowship Family, and building Trust Relationships will be achieved.

Christ’s Kingdom Builders Church is the first church plant of Christ’s Kingdom Builders International Ministries, founded in 2010. It is a ministry committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world, teaching all people to know and live like Christ in whatever vocation God has called them to. In addition to his pastorate duties, Pastor Maxie is also currently serving as the secretary of the Greater Lansing Clergy Forum.

Featured Program: Power In The Word

Join Host Pastor Derick Evans Tuesday at 5:45 pm

Featured Program

Pastor Derick Evans is the pastor at City of God Church International in Lansing. He has a passion for family spiritual and natural health, Discipleship & Building the Saints.

Pastor Evans has a weekly broadcast entitled Power In The Word. Coming very soon Pastor Evans will be starting a Youth Talk Program on radio and TV

City Of God Church International holds a prayer time each Sunday at 10:00am followed by a worship service at 11:30am.

Featured Program: Inspirational Corner

Join Host Keturah Jones on Tue at 5:30pm & Sat at 12:30pm

Featured Program

Keturah is a Preacher, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker with a straight forward message on Living A Successful Christian Life! She has earned her BA in Professional Communication and a Diploma in Bible and Leadership.

In 1987 Inspirational Corner TV Ministry was born out of a passion to inspire Gods people. Her loyal, genuine, dedication to God and his service empowers a unique unlimited platform for a meaningful gospel message.

She is a proud parent of three successful business college graduates, and the grandparent of two. She is a Native Detroiter residing in the East Lansing area where Inspirational Ministries was officially founded in 1995. Her compassionate and loving personality will always make you feel welcomed and loved.

Inspirational Ministries is a non-denominational organization created for all people regardless of race, religious persuasion and gender.

Contact Us

Inspirational Ministries
Attn: Keturah Jones
PO Box 70143
Lansing, Mi 48908